As Yorukss Stone, we have 10 years of experience and we have been cooperating with 200 marble quarry companies since 2009. We are exporting marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and basalt as raw blocks and slabs, finished materials, to all over the world.

We serve you with a variety of the most popular products from our country and other countries using our newly opened showroom and warehouse.

We share new products that are added to the natural stone sector every year with our customers, instantly. We urge them to show progress rapidly in the market.

We have enough experience in all kinds of stones (white-gray-beige-travertine, onyx, limestone) and we have an expert team who provide expertise and experience in this field.

Please stay tuned!

Our Vision

As Yorukss Stone, our purpose is to carry out Turkish marble export to the solitary corners of the world, with the strategy of customer satisfaction. We work hard to become one of the leader suppliers in the world and leave a strong legacy to the next generations.

Our Mission

Our goal is to integrate our countries’ natural stone resources with technology and professional crew In order  to create awareness through our customers to serve in the best possible way and to contribute our countries’ 2051 targets.

Our Priorities

  • Business ethics and good will
  • Our customers
  • Our national values
  • Continious change and development
  • To become a strong global market player